My name is Karen and I have been happily married for 28 years. I am the mother of two young adults. I have a Bachelor of Communication, but still taking courses online in hospitality management.

I am a stay at home mom for the time being; but slowly setting up a small business Momi’s Choice Handmade Designs  doing what I love best, handmade accessories and gifts for babies, toddlers and their moms.


One thought on “About

  1. amanda812015 says:

    Discussion board 7
    1. Your blog makes clear connections to Murray. It was clear that you shared her views on computers and the positive effects they have on easily accessible books like parenting books.
    2. Your blog defines new media with parenting. I like that you compared and contrasted pros and cons for new media with parenting. You made an easy to read illustrated procedure to share a family recipe. You integrated various pictures within your blog that are not only adorable but connect the topic of parenting to your blog. I also thought your video really explained well the pros and cons of FaceTime feature.
    3. I think overall your blog was creative. I thought your video was especially innovative by using new media for everyday life. I also thought it was useful that you included different external links to facebook, your boutique website, etc. I think your blog connects clearly to your topic and is practical for your audience.


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