Love vs. New Media.

Now I have seen it all – an ad that is circulating the net made by the Chinese to convince parents that a New Media product is not going to replace the warmth and love of a physical touch.

I engourage everyone to watch it. Is that what we have come too? Do we really believe an image on a screen is going to replace the physical human touch? New Media I think you will not win this one.

In this instance I would actually say New Media is awful – and thankfully this ad is campaigning against it. Ironically, it comes from the country that is the number one producer of New Media and Technology. For the first time I am not cringing that something is “made in China”.

Yet I read comments today on facebook group pages, which is also another form of new media, and I believe the New Media craze is starting to slow down, and taking a step back. Some people are sighing off of Facebook, maybe this New Media will be going away and be replaced by something newer, hopefully more balanced.

Yay I think the old ways are starting to come back to the surface after being drowned by the new concepts.

New Media at present time is on an unbalanced scale, tipping in favor of the bad New Media but the scale is starting to balance out and the good is getting a little more weight.


One thought on “Love vs. New Media.

  1. igray94 says:

    1. There are many connections to our readings in the section “New Media”. Karen quotes both Chalkey and Murray in this writing. One particular quote is from Murray stating “Fire warms and fire burns”. She makes a connection to this in another piece entitled “The Attack of the Smart Beacon”. In this post Karen talks about a tracker that can be placed on a child. In theory it is helpful but Karen cautions that this device is a bit too far.
    2. Momi’s Choice defines new media by Karen’s use of pictures and videos. Karen posts a picture with every post that draws the reader in and helps them connect. She also used videos in the screencast posting as well as a video about parents and technology. The post that nails the concept of new media best is the screencast because not only is it an interaction between the viewer and the video but it is also assisting the viewer in figuring out how to use Etsy which fosters a connection between shoppers and a vast virtual marketplace.
    3. The aspect of the blog that I like best are all of the pictures. Karen did a fantastic job of adding relevant pictures to every post as well as a gorgeous flower background in the header. These pictures are an excellent addition. Traditional medium would be simply the typed words of her posts but the pictures and videos take it into new medium territory.


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