Moms vs. New Media – Round 2 – The Attack of the Smart Beacon

Yesterday, I went to an affiliate Mac store so that my husband could fix his iPhone. While I was walking around the store I noticed an employee playing around with a hexagon box and it caught my attention.

I attached a picture so you can see what it looks like.

I asked the employee what it was and he said the following: “This is a small gadget that you can carry around after programing it to your car keys, or your phone etc. It’s used to help you find things you’ve lost. It will start beeping to alert you that you are moving away from whatever you’ve programed it to. It can also be placed in your child’s pocket and if they move more than x amount of feet away from you it will start beeping.”

At first glance, this item seemed quite innovative and exciting – but after thinking about it, the employee’s second statement stayed with me. “It can also be placed in your child’s pocket“…

So moms now it seems we need a smart gadget to tell us we lost or forgot our kids. Is the free will concept applying to our children now?

Allow me to vent a little: This brand new parenting system that allows children to feel like they have “free will” is a tad bit ridiculous. They don’t have free will – only an illusion of free will. And if the new parents believe that this new gadget is a way to give their children free will, the fact that you have placed a small tracking device is the complete opposite of free will. Aren’t you in someway in the invading your child’s so called privacy? (Children needing privacy is a whole other topic for another day) You are tracking them – you are literally treating them like a household pet.

See, back in my day I used to use the leash gadget because I felt that that was as far as I would allow my child freedom. Nowadays if a parent is seen holding a leash to their child they are immediately labeled as “horrible parents”, for the same reason I call them horrible parents.

We’re both tracking our children – one is a little more obvious than the other but they’re both in fact tracking our children because we are parents. When did being proud of being a parent become such a bad thing? Why am I the only one who is proud of every ounce of discipline I taught my children while others fear it? My children are polite, respectful to their elders and peers, they treat others with kindness. Being a parent is the greatest responsibility any human being can take on. And now New Media feels like this is their newest playground.

Why do the tech people think we need reminders not to lose our kids? Could this demand for such an item be because we are busy focusing on other things?

In my opinion we are on our phones most of the time checking our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – taking selfies and posting them. Is it a trend, an epidemic or what? Could this demand for such an item be because we are busy focusing on work or otherwise.

I know everyone of us says that our kids are a priority but new media has taken over our lives inside and outside our homes and it seems to me that IT has become the priority. We need time management lessons, and curfew. We can use social media from this time to this time just like we curfew or children’s use of iPads, phones, and laptops. Maybe then we won’t need this reminder gadget.

I can relate to the mall dilemma because I have seen it happen with my sister one day at the mall; my niece let go of her mom’s hand and ran; my dad who was with them freaked out and went running after her. He then scolded her not to let go of her mom’s hand ever again.

Moms we need to get back the control and not let media control our lives. I can imagine this Smart Beacon one day becoming a tiny robot telling our kids to stop in their track and wait for mommy, with soothing mommy sounds if our child is lost.

Are we ready to allow robots to raise our children? Is this the kind of future we want to give them? Are these the lessons we want to teach them?

Let me throw this final example: I used to look forward to tucking my children in and reading them bedtime stories – now let me play this scenario – mommy is too busy to read and tuck in her children but thankfully New Media has an automated bedtime storyteller attached to this new hightech bed that also automatically tucks in your child when it senses they are in bed and begins telling them the story. Talk about that child’s memories – no mommy but robot was there – Good night and don’t let the nanobytes bite.

From one mother to another,Momi’s Choice

One thought on “Moms vs. New Media – Round 2 – The Attack of the Smart Beacon

  1. igray94 says:

    I look at this tracking device from a different angle. The world that we live in today is so frightening, people are sick and twisted and I trust very few people around my daughter. I see no harm in using a device such as “Smart Beacon” or a “kiddie-leash”, especially in crowded places. I am not worried about losing my daughter; I am worried about someone taking her in which case I would be worshipping a beeping device that would potentially save her life.
    You’re final scenario about the automated storyteller gave me chills because I believe that this is right around the corner. I do agree with you that as a society we are trying to invent more and more devices that do things that we should be doing. For example: electronic rockers. I have many friends that put their children in electronic rockers to put them to sleep. I own a “Mamaroo” and use it exclusively for when I am cooking or cleaning with chemicals. When it is time for my daughter to take a nap or go to bed at night I always rock her myself in a plain old fashioned glider. I love watching her eyelids slowly get heavier and heavier and her blinks get longer and longer until she falls asleep so why would I give up that moment?

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