Dr. Brazelton vs. New Media – Two Titans Collide

Hello Moms, This morning I decided to tackle the attic in an attempt to find the book (also known as my bible) that I mentioned in my previous post What every Baby Knows by Dr. Brazelton, to get some quotes to post; but due to the many times my family and I have wandered the world from continent to continent, state to state, city to city – much to my chagrin – I seem to have lost it.

Alas, the great and powerful Supermom was not able to find a lost item – queue a moment of silence here.

So, I instead decided to tackle the great and mysterious world wide web, seeing as this is 2015 and New Media is my new partner in crime. I found the book! It seems he has written many books – some in collaboration with other authors. He is using New Media as well to give access to a bigger audience. If anyone is interested to read his work; his books are available in many formats on amazon, in paperback, hardcover, audio books and digital.

This book is wonderful and now every mom now has access. I guess New Media wins in this case. I wish I had that back in the day – it took about two months to ship the book from the US to Beirut, Lebanon.

Janet Murray (2003) says that computers are awe-inspiring because of their encyclopedic and participative properties. I agree because without a computer which is part of New Media we wouldn’t have such easy access to these books, and we would not be able to discuss them.

I would love to hear your opinions about his books, and if you read his first one back in 1987. Here is to hoping he might help some of you like he helped me.

I have attached a small summary of what the book discusses taken from amazon.com. Unfortunately, this one is only sold in paperback and hardcover.

“Berry Brazelton, America’s most highly regarded and deeply valued pediatrician, is a national treasure. Millions of parents and physicians have used and praised his groundbreaking books on infancy, parenthood, and early childhood. What Every Baby Knows is without question Brazelton’s most exciting and valuable book. In What Every Baby Knows, Dr. Brazelton takes five families and really opens the doors of their private lives.

In the course of the family histories and in the follow-up visits that Brazelton pays to each family two years later, we come to know these parents and children as individuals — their stubborn worries, their struggles to adapt to change, their successes at resolving problems. These family histories serve as the framework for Brazelton’s illuminating discussions of such crucial family issues as:  –sibling rivalry — divorced parents — prematurity — colic — encouraging independence — late speech development, and more.

What Every Baby Knows offers every reader answers to their questions about the real, day-to-day issues that his or her own family faces. The problems Brazelton identifies in the lives of his five families are the universal problems of family life. And the resolutions he describes are as reassuring as they are workable in all family situations.

What Every Baby Knows will help all families share the rewards and happiness of life together.

From One Mother to Another,

Momi’s Choice


Murray, J. H. (2003). Inventing the medium. In N. Wardrip-Fruin & N. Montfort (Eds.), The new media reader (pp. 3-11). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

What Every Baby Knows.  Retrieved from http://www.amazon.com/What-Every-Knows-Berry-Brazelton/dp/0345344553/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

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