Moms vs. New Media – The Battle Begins

Moms and New Media

My name is Karen. I have been happily married for 28 years and the mother of two young adults. My first-born, finished his Online Masters in Screenwriting and is teaching at a local university, and my baby is taking classes online as a senior in Music Production. Both kids used New Media to finish their degrees internationally.

During 2012, my husband had to leave the US on business and I was left twiddling my thumbs. My solution to my boredom was to go back to school and I did it by taking online classes. This was New Media for me, because when I started going to school I had never heard of computers.

I got my Bachelor of Communication, at the age of 50. Yay for me! I am still taking courses online in hospitality management, and  I am a stay at home mom for the time being, doing what I love best: handmade accessories and gifts for babies, toddlers and their moms. I am slowly setting up a small business online and on Facebook using social media to promote my product.

Which brings us to this: why a guide for parenting, and why now?

Well, my kids have been badgering me to write one for years, and I feel like maybe 2015 is the year to do it. Friends and family members call me “the mother hen”. My kids’ friends come to me for advise about their lives. The parents I know ask for help with their kids. When I was a new bride and a new mom I had a day care center. Taking care of those kids was a joy and an adventure as well as a wonderful way to learn the art and science of parenting.

The work I am currently doing, making handmade items and gifts for babies and their moms, keeps me online researching for ideas, and inspirations. I am on many Facebook pages that deal with motherhood, and parenting.

What I have seen on these pages, however, has me extremely worried.

New moms are bombarded with information because of New Media. For example Breast-feeding moms are freaking out when their milk is not enough anymore; they go on these websites and get so many different opinions. Only their plans to get solutions backfire because they end up panicking even more. This is why I am using New Media to reach out and speak to you.

In my day, new moms only had books and people: friends, family, pediatricians. I used a book entitled “What Every Baby Knows” by Dr. Brazelton – this book became my bible. My pediatrician was an amazing easy-going doctor who joined, the new way of thinking with the old. She was a Godsend. I only used books and people.

I will end my intro by saying “mom’s take a breath“. Its not rocket science – its close, but not really.

I know you’ll probably say ” oh man, another online opinion”, but my answer is simple:

Try me – you won’t regret it – none of my friends have.

From One Mother to Another,

Momi’s Choice

10 thoughts on “Moms vs. New Media – The Battle Begins

  1. igray94 says:

    I randomly picked your blog to review for class but after the day I have had it was perfect to read your last line. I have had six blissful amazing months with my daughter but for the past week she has been screaming most of her waking hours. I find myself searching the internet ANYWHERE for a solution.

    You mentioned Facebook as a form of new media which I discussed as well in my post. Another website that you may be interested in for your business would be Etsy where you can sell handmade items. In the future if you were to make a website of your own that is a prime example of new media.

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    • Momi's Choice says:

      Hi I am glad you enjoyed my post. I know about Etsy but shipping from my country to any where in the world is too expensive. New media cannot help for international client, so for now I am using new media for local clients.
      Here goes my two cents on your situation? I am assuming your daughter is 6 months old, first question would be is she teething? tooth ache drives us adults up a wall imagine a baby. Try rubbing her gums with your finger it is more soothing than a plastic toy. I know you’ll think I am nuts but also try putting some whiskey on your finger and rub her gums it will num the pain. I did it because my mom told me too way back when my kids were teething, neither kid drinks and they are 27 and 23. The second question could she have an ear-infection that is another painful situation. Hope that helps. Elimination is key when it comes to kids screaming.


      • igray94 says:

        First off, I LOVE the changes you have made to appearance of your blog! The pictures are so cute:) Yes, my daughter is 5 1/2 months and got both of her bottom teeth in last Monday. I would have thought that the worst part for her would be when the teeth were coming through the gums but she seemed more unhappy after they broke through. I am so pleased to say that she has been much happier these past few days- now if I could just get her to go back to sleeping through the night I would be ecstatic! Thank you so much for your helpful tips, I will definitely be keeping them in mind when her remaining teeth start coming up!

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  2. new media for communication sponges says:

    Hello Karen,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you better. I think this is a good aspect of the world of new media. Moms are assumed to have super powers but in reality we often need help. I am a 28 year old single mother of 3 girls and I often have questions that go answered. My oldest is 9 and she uses the internet to study for her SAT tests coming soon. She also watches a television show on PBS that does math tutoring. My four year old is glued to games on her tablet or leap pad. My baby is only two. She walks around behind them waiting desperately for her future days of electronics. This just shows how often new media is in our lives. Just imagine how much new media will expand by the time my baby gets older.
    On another note in your initial post you mentioned that you were making handmade items. Using Facebook is a great source of social media. I was wondering if you ever look at Pintrest? They have so many different creative ideas. If you have not done so you should check it out. I learned how to make an entire playground out of tires in my back yard. The kids love it. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Personally, I am excited to see what you can teach me about how new media related to family.

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  3. amanda812015 says:

    Hi Karen,
    First, I really enjoyed the pictures of the babies! They were sooo cute! I thought it was interesting that you brought up Facebook for your handmade crafts and items. There are a few different sites that you might want to look at. Pinterest first, it’s my addiction. I find so many cute ideas for crafts with my kids, I work at an after school care. Also, Etsy is a place where people all over the world sell their things. I’ve never sold anything of my own but I have bought a lot of neat things from there. Another site that I like a lot and use for writing ideas is Tumblr. There are also so many websites for teachers as far as lessons and activities, I love them and use them for my job. Anyways, I really liked your blog and thought it was cute and also very easy to read and understand.

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  4. chrisbustin13 says:

    I love your blog!

    Great idea, using “momischoice” as part of your Worpress web address. I especially like that you have three separate pages—“Home”, “About”, and “New Media”. The color scheme of purple with the image of the flowers appears well-suited to your blog. I think it’s fantastic that you used your personal anecdote of completing your schooling from oversees to demonstrate the advantage of new media!

    I would make only two suggestions for your excellent blog: First, I think a picture of your small business—perhaps of your handmade accessories and gifts—would add a nice personal touch to your “About” page. Second, you wrote the following on your “New Media” page: “Bad things happen with or without new media, we just have to learn to decipher the good from the bad.” I would swap out the comma in this sentence for a semicolon for two reasons: (1) It would add a longer pause for purposes of impact and (2) Even minor tweaks in writing mechanics will impress your readers (avoiding a comma splice or run-on sentence).

    Last, I love the baby picture used for one of your blog posts; this will act as a magnet to draw your readers to the article. Nice job!


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  5. brittanym189 says:

    Here is a peer review for our final portfolio:

    1. Your blog makes clear connections to the readings in terms of Janet Murray (2003). You shared her views on the encyclopedic and participative properties of computers and related this to the fact that computers open up a way to make books accessible; in this case, parenting books.

    2. Your blog defines new media in terms parenting and being a stay-at-home mother. You’ve made use of an illustrated procedure, using digital photography, in order to share a family recipe. There are also several links to external sources, including your online boutique. You’ve integrated various graphics found on the web and also an excerpt from Amazon. I really like the YouTube video that you included in your last post. I like that while defining new media, you’ve also contrasted the pros and cons associated within its means. The Dtac “Baby” video really brings the two together, portraying the advantages of new media through the iPhone’s FaceTime feature, while also demonstrating new media’s lack of ability, in terms of the ability to replace all human interaction. I think that this aspect of exploring new media flaws, makes your blog unique and gives your definition a different perspective.

    3. In terms of creativity, I think that your screencast really exploits the possibilities found in new media vs. traditional media. You’ve not only used new media to create your tutorial, but you’ve used this medium to provide a practical use for new media in your everyday life. Without new media, your Etsy business would not be possible. This example is really powerful in encompassing the advantages new media has to offer. You’ve made it clear that with new media you are able to sustain a small business while working from home. You also included links to your business Facebook page in an earlier post. All of this demonstrates the practical aspect of new media and supports the beneficial opportunities associated with its use.
    Overall, your blog is really personalized and has a welcoming feel. You’ve successfully used new media while giving it a definition, in relation to parenting. Your blog has a clear focus and flows well from one idea to another.


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